Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NeoCon swag [#NeoCon09]

One of the best things about trade shows is getting free stuff. Unlike the trade shows for a lot of other industries, the promotional items given away at NeoCon are usually very well designed. Here are a couple of my favorites.

mdc monkey 3

This is the ubiquitous promo monkey from MDC Wallcoverings. Everyone has been carrying one of these guys around at NeoCon and I didn't know where I could get one until today. Such a cutie! Since today is Iris's third birthday, I am giving him to her as a present. I've grown kind of fond of him after carrying him around all day, so I think I might get one for myself to keep as a sort of atelier mascot. He could be Olo's albino cousin.

Behind the monkey is a tote bag with a great pattern on it. The fabric pattern is based on a new one that Momentum Textiles just came out with for a new line. And it all coordinates very well with the kiwi green La-Z-Boy seat. This is a product they make for the healthcare market. Waiting to get your wisdom tooth pulled might not be as scary if you're sitting on such a comfortable seat in the waiting room.

zebra-bag from #NeoCon09

I got another very nice tote from E.S. Robbins, the company that makes the chair mats I mentioned in my previous post. It is zebra print to match the zebra print chair mat they had in their display. And you know I love zebra print. (Don't judge.) Not only is it stylish, it's very sturdy too. It has an internal and external pocket and it zips closed, which makes it a great bag to take on public transit when you run the risk of getting pickpocketed.


there's no such thing as a free lunch?

My free lunch today from Janus et Cie came in an old-fashioned metal lunchbox with an old-fashioned Coke that was very hard to open. But it was a very delicious meal. And now I have a really cute lunchbox to add to my collection.
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I am looking forward to tomorrow. I still want to get a bag from HON and a bag from Crypton. Hopefully they won't be all gone tomorrow. Things run out on student day. I remember, because when I was a design student I was always looking for free stuff!

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  1. Well, Janus et Cie really know how to leaving a lasting impression!
    ...and that's what it's all about.


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