Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 2017 Spring One of a Kind Show

This is the second year that the One of a Kind Show has graced the Merchandise Mart with its presence in the spring. Many of my favorite local artists and artisans were there, including Case Island Glass, Mary Johnston, Steve Connell, and Chrstopher Royal.

Here are some new artists whose work really impressed me this year

Flaca Jewelry
Alexander Charles Listello

Green Beetle Shop
Steam 33
Elizabeth Benotti
Armando Pedroso
Elko Hardwoods

Kind Apparel
Blue Tarpon Studio
Silver Injun
Baigelman Glass

Woodland Heights Studio

Moon Bound Girl
James McArthur Cole
Beth Clark Jewelry
Jerry Strub
Reformed School
Tyler Voorhees
McLean Bronze
Amy Zwikel
Anne Leuck
Margie Criner

Also, since I have a baby shower coming up, I visited these great vendors.

Sam and Coop
Aunt Meg Creations

The show continues through Sunday, April 30th so see it if you can.
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