Saturday, February 2, 2013

A nice place to write a story

"Oddly enough, when I'm not trying to write in 140 characters or less, I can write thousands of words."
--me, on Twitter 1/23/13

It's been a while, hasn't it? In case you're wondering where I've been, the explanation is simple: I was held hostage by my screenplay. I had forgotten how involved writing fiction is for me as a creative process, and failed to prepare for the inevitable spaciness, detachment from reality, and insatiable need to keep writing that are the side effects of my journey into that particular rabbit hole. I was possessed by my screenplay and it wouldn't let me paint. And so when I went into my studio, I did research, took notes, and wrote for hours.

In preparation for this venture into fiction land, I finally organized a little writing space. I transformed my computer armoire. Now on the inside it has additional corkboards and a cheerful backdrop.

dsc_0430 for web

dsc_0436 for web

I have some fun writing knicknacks, like a little green vintage toy typewriter. My fake Oscar from Hollywood is on top of it. I really did go to Hollywood, in case your wondering, but I don't have a real Oscar. Not yet, anyway.

dsc_0426 for web

I also set up a fun diorama of a writer hard at work. She sits at her funky green desk and types on a yellow typewriter surrounded by crumpled sheets of story ideas that didn't work out.

dsc_0420 for web

The bottle beside her holds the cure for writer's block: a magnetic poetry set.

dsc_0423 for web

On the magnet board in the computer armoire door, you can see more of my magnetic poetry experiments.

dsc_0432 for web

Now that my first draft is done, I am supposed to be taking a break from it. I'm not supposed to look at my story again for at least a week, which makes me feel very restless. Now would be a good time to start painting again, I think.
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