Thursday, June 14, 2018

Infra-Pink Inferno

Pink to the pink power. Pink factorial. Infinite pinkness. Where words fail to describe just how pink my new painting is, perhaps mathematical formulas can help.  I was inspired by Stuart Semple's pink pigment that was supposed to be the pinkest pink ever made. And so I ordered it from the UK. But while I was waiting for the pigment to arrive, as usual, I decided to paint the background with three different shades of pink paint.

When the pink pigment finally came, I couldn't wait to use it. 

I was also very eager for the first coats of the paint to dry so that I could work on the next layer, so I used the blow dryer that I keep at the studio to speed up the process.

Saturday I let I dry so that I could come back to glaze it later.

Then I came back on Tuesday and glazed it with my secret ingredient. I am not sure if my camera sufficiently captured the exact shades of pink I used, or if computer monitors can render it well, but here it is, "Infra-Pink Inferno."

Infra-Pink Inferno
acrylic, ink, and latex on recycled paper and wood board
30" x 20"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NeoCon 2018

If you're familiar with my blog, you might remember that last year I had my best NeoCon experience ever. I tried not to have the same expectations for this year. Overall, it was a good experience though the color schemes I saw were mostly disappointing. Yes, I know I am biased because I prefer bright colors. It wasn't until design school that I learned to appreciate neutrals. However, the trend I saw of putting neutrals with more neutrals and greyed-down pastels did not appeal to me. I call that color scheme dystopian chic. It reminds me of Chicago in the winter. I feel like those are colors for people who don't like colors.

"Color is..." hard to find at NeoCon 2018. Nevertheless, I did come across some color schemes that I liked. And here they are.


Indiana Furniture


I also enjoy seeing creative displays. The good ones are like installation art.

Groupe Lacasse

Speaking of art, this year KI collaborated with a local Chicago artist whose work I have featured on my blog before, Emmy Star Brown.

She painted this mural in the KI showroom during the show.

The other works of art I really like looking at during NeoCon are the gorgeous floral arrangements.

As far as new products go, my favorite was the Nook. As an introvert, I love the idea of having a little niche of privacy in a public place. It was so relaxing to have an area where I could sit and rest my feet, drink my water, charge my phone, and take some pictures.

It was also fun to see the custom rugs that Edward Fields used to make for NeoCon for about 20 years.

This was the 50th anniversary of NeoCon and they definitely have a lot to celebrate. I look forward to going to more shows in the future.

To see all my photos, please visit Flickr.

UPDATE, 6/14/2018

 I just found out about a very tragic accident that happened at NeoCon this year in which a fellow designer, Jacqueline Albertine from Miami Beach Florida, lost her life. I'd like to offer my condolences and prayers for her family and friends.
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