Thursday, June 14, 2018

Infra-Pink Inferno

Pink to the pink power. Pink factorial. Infinite pinkness. Where words fail to describe just how pink my new painting is, perhaps mathematical formulas can help.  I was inspired by Stuart Semple's pink pigment that was supposed to be the pinkest pink ever made. And so I ordered it from the UK. But while I was waiting for the pigment to arrive, as usual, I decided to paint the background with three different shades of pink paint.

When the pink pigment finally came, I couldn't wait to use it. 

I was also very eager for the first coats of the paint to dry so that I could work on the next layer, so I used the blow dryer that I keep at the studio to speed up the process.

Saturday I let I dry so that I could come back to glaze it later.

Then I came back on Tuesday and glazed it with my secret ingredient. I am not sure if my camera sufficiently captured the exact shades of pink I used, or if computer monitors can render it well, but here it is, "Infra-Pink Inferno."

Infra-Pink Inferno
acrylic, ink, and latex on recycled paper and wood board
30" x 20"

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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