Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art under $1000

If you've been looking to collect original artwork, my pieces are for sale, and all of them cost less than $1000.  The locations where you can see them and the prices I am selling them for are below.

Three Peas Art Lounge
75 East 16th Street
Chicago, IL 60616-1279
(312) 624-9414
Until May 31

Untitled (Red and Black)

Untitled (Red and Black, $880


Adaptive Reuse, $700

Adaptive Reuse 2, $700


Smother, $700

Quinacridone Embrace

Quinacridone Embrace, $700

Transcendental Violet

Transcendental Violet, $814

Chicago Art Open
River East Art Center
435 E. Illinois Street
Chicago, IL
Until May 7th

Fuchsia Sublime

Fuschia Sublime, $580

PlayfulZen Gallery
2147 S Lumber St.
Loft 516
Chicago, IL

Until May 9th

Fever Dream

Fever Dream, $600

Chloroplast Blast

Chloroplast Blast, $600

These are not currently in any shows, but are available for purchase:


Untitled (Red), $360

Untitled (Blue and Green)

Untitled (Blue and Green), $495


Untitled (Olive Green, $360

My paintings need new homes. Buy one today!
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