Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Solutions Book Review - The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre

There are a few books that I think should be in every artist's library.  In addition to Julia Cameron's phenomenal The Artist's Way Series, I would also recommend The Artist In the Office become a fixture in the collection of every creative person working a day job to pay the bills.

The talented Summer Pierre, who is a writer, artist, and musician, wrote and illustrated this charming book.  In it, you'll find inspiring quotations, like this one:

There are also great suggestions for making the most of your time at work.  For example, why not take advantage of your lunch break and use the time as a mini-vacation?  Summer Pierre has a few fun activities you can do away from your desk:

So much of our creative output depends upon our own outlooks and attitudes, and I think this book inspires a level of optimism and positivity that every creative person needs to continue to do great work, both on the clock and in our artistic pursuits.

You can find The Artist In the Office at numerous online retailers.  It makes a great gift for the artists in your life.
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