Thursday, June 15, 2017

NeoCon 2017

The 2017 NeoCon show was incredible. This was the best time I've ever had there. I don't know where I should start so I suppose I will begin with something great that happened my last day at NeoCon, winning a cash prize in the Integra Seating showroom! My first time winning a drawing in many, many years. 

On my first day there, I met a celebrity! Terry Crews, the multi-talented star of two shows I love, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Everybody Hates Chris, has designed a line of furniture for Bernhardt. He was in their showroom Monday and I got a chance to meet him!

The pieces in his collection have a uniquely organic feel. They're modern but not in a predictable way. I like them.

My Favorite Showrooms

This year my favorite showroom was Dauphin. The color palette suits my style. I love what they did with orange and pink, and even coral and salmon.

Here are some others that I liked.

Showroom Decor and Display

These are a few displays I really liked. Whether artfully arranged samples or works of art, they really added something to the showrooms they were in.

New Products

I love these ceiling fixtures from BuzziSpace.

Color Trends

If you've been keeping up with my blog for a while, you probably have a sense of what colors I like. To be honest I was never a fan of the Pantone colors of 2015 (marsala) and 2016 (rose quartz and serenity). But I know the pendulum must swing between bright and muted colors. Still, rose quartz and serenity can be difficult to work with. I saw many failed efforts to incorporate them, but these really worked:

Groupe Lacasse

This design made marsala look enticing. 

3Form used the colors in a vignette with sunset colored walls. Copper is still a popular metallic shade, used well in the other display.

My Favorite Showroom Activity

I love it when there are fun, interactive things to do in showrooms. KI has always been good at that. This year I got to make a little business card wallet out of a small piece of their faux leather. It was fun and easy and is a good idea if you have a lot of extra memo samples around.

I took a lot more photos that you can see in my Flickr album here:

After spending three days immersed in such an inspiring environment, I can't wait to finish the interior design projects I have started on and look forward to getting new clients soon. And maybe someday I will get to design a furniture showroom. I would love that.
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