Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Van Gogh's Bedrooms at The Art Institute of Chicago

Vincent Van Gogh's life story has always made me sad. The poverty, the mental illness, the lack of recognition during his lifetime... the quintessential starving, struggling artist biography. How could the world not see the undeniable brilliance of his art? Painting was so drab and boring before he came along. I'm glad I had a chance to see his work at the Art Institute. All around downtown Chicago there were window displays inspired by the Van Gogh's Bedrooms exhibit.

Finally, last Thursday, I had a chance to squeeze into the crowded galleries to see it for myself.

I was especially impressed by the replica of the bedroom at the yellow house.

Today is the last day of the show. If you're in Chicago and want to see it, you should probably go to the Art Institute right now and stand in line. (Which probably will extend to the end of the block, if not around the corner.) Maybe if you're lucky you can get into the museum before it closes.

Friday, April 29, 2016

My favorites from the first Spring One of a Kind Show

This year was the very first time that there was a One of A Kind Show in spring. This show is in addition to the one that takes place the first weekend in December. The spring show was half the size of the holiday show, but full of amazing art and design. It was great to see some of the artists whose work I have come to know and love featured at the show, including Case Island Glass and Rediscover Handbags. Today I discovered a few new favorites.

Kimmy Cantrell Fine Art

Christopher Royal

Toshiki and Maryszka

Beatriz Mayorca

Timothy J Hawley
Mark Gleberzon

Alan Daigre Designs

Wood Cycle

Camryn Forrest

Splash Fine Art
Tim Jarosz

Lisa Krannichfeld

Rebel Designs

4 Tamara Nicole

I look forward to going to the next One of A Kind Show this December and hope that the spring show will start a new tradition. It would be nice if, like the holiday show, the spring show partners with Etsy to give up-and-coming artisans a chance to showcase their work. The show continues through Sunday May 1st at the Merchandise Mart and admission is $10.

And if you get hungry while you're there, treat yourself to something from these vendors:

Twisted Eggroll
Gourmet Goodies

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm on Patreon now

There are not enough grants for artists. The few grants that are available to us are extremely competitive, and often have restrictions. One well-known grant is for projects that are not intended to make money, which eliminates the possibility of using it to fund things like renting space for a gallery show where the goal is to sell the art. Others only pay for residency programs, which are nice if you don't have to worry about having enough vacation days to go paint in the desert for a month. And then there are a few that change an application fee, which makes me wonder if I should even call them grants. As for state grants, why bother applying for one if you live in a place like Illinois with our serious budget issues?

So that's why I'm taking charge of the situation and taking advantage of Patreon, a service that connects patrons to artists. I'm not sure if it will work or how well it will be received. To be honest, I gave up on crowdfunding after my Indie GoGo campaign to raise money for supplies to complete The Doll Project. I was accused of begging for money on the internet and was humiliated because no one donated a single penny. I'm hoping this time will be different.

The reward I am offering my patrons is an invitation to an exclusive open studio later this year. If you'd like to get involved, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/tiffanygholar.
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