Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Artists of the 2012 Gold Coast Art Fair

First, I would like to salute all the artists who brave the elements to participate in outdoor festivals like the Gold Coast Art Fair.  On a hot day like today, they risked heat exhaustion in the sweltering heat, not to mention the possibility of a thunderstorm that thankfully didn't happen.  I was happy to see some artists I've featured on her before, including Dovile Riebschlager, Case Island Glass, and Robin Kittleson.  Here are some new artists whose work I found particularly intriguing.

Keith Grace
Ari Gradus
Royal Arts Studio

Paul Freundt
Black Button Studio
Barbara K. Spraul
She Lion Jewelry
Tim Parker
Andrea Lebeau
Romy and Clare
Erica Farrel
Stuart McClean
Kathy Dotson
Carl M. Crawford
Karina Llergo Salto
Michael Bryant
Joy Bauer

The show continues through tomorrow and despite its name, is actually being held in Grant Park and not the Gold Coast.  Visit the official website of the show for more information.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Tiffany. I like your other picks as well.
    She Lion Jewelry

  2. You're welcome, Leona. Thanks for making such beautiful jewelry!


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