Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art and anatomy

My high school was a math and science academy, which meant I had to take electives in math and science (instead of art and music like I wanted to).  Senior year I took Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Our Human A&P teacher's lecture style was so dry and boring that just about everyone fell asleep except for some extremely ambitious aspiring doctors who were trying for early admission to medical school.  And it was right after lunch, so that didn't help.  Amongst ourselves, we called his class Nap Time with Norman.  But these artists I found on Colossal have found a way to make anatomical studies that are compelling, whimsical, and even fun.

Dissected Lego Men by Jason Freeny

Quilled paper anatomy pieces by Sarah Yakawonis

PiƱata Anatomy by Carmichael Lynch of Carmichael Collective.

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