Saturday, March 7, 2009

What would Louise Nevelson do?

After months (maybe even a year?) of thinking about it, I finally took the time to go to the library and do some real research on the work of sculptor Louise Nevelson. Everyone kept telling me I needed to look at her work. I was familiar with a few of her pieces, but only a few. The Internet is sometimes a good source for this sort of research. Books are usually better. They tend to have more pictures. Here are a few of hers that I particularly liked:

Please forgive the digital photos of the books. I was being cheap and didn't want to spend money on copies that probably wouldn't look that good anyway. I really like her use of grids to organize all the the little wooden odds and ends she assembled. I never really noticed that before. It gives me a few ideas of what I could do with all the shoeboxes I've been saving. I feel more and more like I should be making sculptures in addtion to paintings.

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