Saturday, March 28, 2009

My newest artist statement

I've been working on updating my artist statement. This is what I have so far:

I like to push the boundaries of what materials are acceptable for use in fine art while still creating work that is visually pleasing. My improvisational and intuitive style is all about adaptation, making beautiful things out of trash. I am gathering the fragments of consumerism, the disposable detritus of a one-time-use society. Cardboard boxes are meant to ship things, plastic bags are meant to carry things, LDPE and bubble wrap are meant to cushion things in transit from factory to store to end user, but none of these things are typically thought of as things in and of themselves. Seldom are they used as a material for making art. By using these otherwise disposable materials to create art, I am giving permanence to the impermanent. I am making the byproducts of the products we buy artistic products of their own right. It is a kind of alchemy. It is not just about salvage. It is about redemption.

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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