Sunday, May 17, 2009

The tourists

The Magnificent Mile attracts visitors from all over the Midwest.

tourists 00

Some arrive on tour buses.

tourists 03

Some seem bewildered.

tourists 02

It can be hard to figure out how to get around.

Until they catch a cab or bus, they can admire the architecture.

This sculpture, "God Bless America" is by artist J. Seward Johnson and can be found on Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River.


  1. Thanks, Jean. So many people were taking pictures of the sculpture that I decided to challenge myself to take photos of it that would be unique.

  2. This was originally a painting, wasn't it? I've seen these two before - and the slightly frightening fork! Must be weird seeing them standing in the city...

  3. You're right. The painting it's based on is Grant Wood's "American Gothic," which hangs at the Art Institute here in Chicago. I'm not sure why he brought the pitchfork along on their vacation. Maybe to fight off muggers in the big city?

  4. It's probably too feel safety in something familiar when placed in a new environment! Have a great weekend Tiffany =)


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