Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Featured Flickr Group: I Drew This At Work

About I Drew This At Work

A showcase for art, created while being paid to do something else. Often done in secret with basic materials like sharpies, bic pens and highlighters. Drawing on the job. Doodling. Drawing during meetings. Any drawing done while you should be doing something else.

Some of you may know about the addiction I have battled all my life, an addiction to doodling. I cannot stop drawing when I have any sort of writing instrument in my hand. It's an urge that just takes over. It began when I was in kindergarten, and I never really grew out of it. Since Flickr is a site where like-minded people can get together, it didn't take me long to find a group of people who share the same compulsion to draw. And so they formed a group called I Drew This At Work. Not that I know anything about that anymore. It's just one more reason why I use a laptop to take notes at work instead of a pencil and paper.

I think you'll be pretty impressed with what all these artists were able to accomplish while getting paid to do something else:


  1. I love this. You got me remembering about drawings I made at work, when I went to work, and also drawings my daughter made when I'd work on the weekend and take her in with me.


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