Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Three Shows

Ever wished you could be in two places at once?  How about three? I have work in three shows right now: my Post-Consumerism solo show at UIC, The Doll Project at Flourish Studios, and a group show at the Fine Arts Building.  That's why I haven't written anything for this blog since February.  Dividing my schedule between a full time job, a long distance relationship, and preparing for two solo shows and a group show, I just haven't had the time to blog about what I've been doing.  I did post some pictures on Facebook and Pinterest, which I recently joined.  But now I finally have time to write about them on here.

Post-Consumerism at UIC

Through 4/27/2012



The Doll Project at Flourish Studios

Through 5/8/2012

This is my first solo exhibition of work from The Doll Project.  Those of you who've been reading this blog for a while may recall some of the earlier pictures I took back in 2008.  I have taken many new photos this year that have never been exhibited before.  The photos, most of which measure 11"x14", are priced at $60 and up.  10% of the profits from art sold during the opening reception (Friday, April 20th from 6-8 p.m.) will benefit Demoiselle 2 Femme, a Chicago based nonprofit that empowers urban girls.







Paradigm Shift: The Art of the Chicago Spring

Through 5/10/2012

This is my first time organizing a large group art show, which proved to be a huge undertaking.  I consider it a labor of love in service to the Occupy Movement.  Solidarity is a beautiful thing, and artists are the 99%.  Most of the artwork in this show is for sale, but no commissions will be taken from the artists participating in it.


I still have not decided on a title for my newest recessionist piece, but here it is, made of shredded money and vinyl letters on canvas panel.  Believe it or not, this is only the second time I have exhibited a recessionist assemblage in a show, even though I have been working in this style since 2008.

And here is work from the other artists in the show, many of whom I found at the Revolution 2012 show at Jackson Junge.  The others were artists I met in other shows and venues, or through the Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective.

prints by Fotios Zemenides

painting by Robert Sebanc

Paintings by Patricia Larkin Green

Mixed media piece by Jeanine Hill-Soldner and painting by Robert Sebanc

Sculptures by Fleurs de guerre and mixed media piece by Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Painting by Robyn Alatorre

Quilt by Jeremiah Jones and photos by Charles Miller

Drawing by Fleurs de guerre and photos by Serge Lubumudrov

The Rebel Arts Collective also set up a table with stencils so people visiting the gallery could make their own wearable protest art.


They also performed a piece entitled Machine Breaks Down, People Rise Up, telling the story of the financial crisis and the Occupy Movement in just four minutes.

If you will be in the Chicago area before May 10th, stop by the Fine Arts Building to see this show.

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