Friday, April 10, 2009

Photos from the student show

Silver Whisper


Michael Costanza
Park Barbecue

Christopher Clark
The Intercession of the Saints (or Their Equivalent)

Margie Glass-Sula
Autumn's Mash

Kim Panozzo
Stacking Dolls

These are just a few of the pieces at the student show. I hope no one feels left out. I plan to take more pictures of other work in the student show and upload them sometime next week. There is so much great work in the gallery. I feel honored to have the opportunity to study with so many talented artists. The show continues until May 14th. If you're in the Chicago area, stop by. It's free. And you'll have a chance to support emerging artists, and maybe even add some original art to your collection while it's still at a low price.

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