Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post-Consumerism in CounterPunch Magazine

You never know who's watching when you get on TV. A writer named Lee Ballinger saw me last December when I was on Jeopardy! It turns out that he works for CounterPunch Magazine, a publication that "tells the facts and names the names." He purchased a copy of Post-Consumerism and decided to write an article about it. And I really like what he had to say about me. In fact, I was honored. Here's a brief excerpt:

Yet against all odds, Tiffany Gholar has managed to create an excellent body of work, much of which is presented in her book Post-Consumerism.  For her, post-consumerism means making use of the “cultural residue” of our manic drive to consume. She takes boxes, packing materials, strips of cardboard and puts them on canvases and then emblazons them with paint. She calls it “building a painting.”

I felt like he truly understood what I was trying to say. You can read more inside the magazine itself.

I'm on page 25!

The hard copy edition is $6 and you can order it at this link. Once the online edition is available, I will let you know. But in the meantime, I encourage you to support independent journalism by getting a copy. And if reading this makes you want to get your own copy of Post-Consumerism, click here for the paper and iPad editions, and here for the PDF version.


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