Friday, June 21, 2013

Color Cornucopia: pods, paint, and podcasts

Remember when I said I was "almost finished" with Color Cornucopia several months ago?  I was so wrong.  That painting, like so many other pod paintings, is made of crevices.  Each pod is like a little gaping mouth, hungry for paint.  In the back of my mind a little voice cries out "you missed a spot!" whenever there is a discrepancy.  Pod paintings drive me crazy.  That's why they cost more.

Color Cornucopia

Color Cornucopia

Color Cornucopia
Color Cornucopia
acrylic on cardboard and wood panel
30" x 20"

When I get to the tedious part, the crevice-filling-in portion of the work, I like to listen to podcasts.  It gets my mind off of the tedious task I'm doing.  So I put my phone in airplane mode and listen to the ones I have downloaded.  Some of my favorite podcasts are Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Fresh Air, The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture, Bad At Sports, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Filmspotting, and WTF.  Radiolab makes science more fun and interesting.  Their best podcast, so far, was one about the science of colors.  It was so wonderful to work on a painting while listening to it.  If you like Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, you might also enjoy his podcast, The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture.  What I like about WTF is the way the show's host, Mark Maron, asks his fellow comedians about how they got started in the business when he interviews them.  I'm always fascinated by those kinds of stories.

Color Cornucopia is now for sale on Etsy. It ships for free and even comes with a free copy of my book.

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