Thursday, October 4, 2012

New mini paintings!

There is something reminiscent of urban decay in my two new mini paintings. Rust spotted, full of mottled paint chips, they are made of the harvested fragments of larger pieces.

mini paintings made with recycled acrylic paint skins

mini paintings made with recycled acrylic paint skins

mini paintings made with recycled acrylic paint skins

Look closely and you'll notice flakes from Silver Whisper and Transcendental Violet. It's kind of hard to tell from these photos, but the paintings are only 2" by 2" square.

Here you can see them with some Monster High dolls for scale. These ghouls roam my miniature gallery at night.

mini paintings made with recycled acrylic paint skins; Monster High Frankie Stein doll

Frankie Stein likes the paintings because they are composed of many different parts, just as she is.

mini paintings made with recycled acrylic paint skins; Monster High witch doll

Elphaba was disappointed to learn that the paintings are not green like her skin, or the Emerald City, but green in the sense that they are made from waste materials that would have been thrown away otherwise. But maybe she will learn to like them after all.

Both of these miniature works of art will be available exclusively at my art studio.  You can find them at my open studio next week.  Also, Elphaba and Frankie may make an appearance as well.  And there might be a costume party at the Kaleidoscope House.  Not to mention Halloween candy on the menu.

paintings so small it's scary!


  1. These are so gorgeous! Love, love, love the color and texture of the paint chips. Makes me think of a big pile of leaves. So genius.

    This is probably a lame question, but what's an open studio show like? Do you tour the actual studios where artists create, or is that just how it's displayed? Is it fun for you, or awkward? I'm so blown away by people with the balls to do shows, and this just sounds so one-on-one/personal. I'd be terrified!

  2. Thanks, smidge girl! The new paintings are a smaller version of this concept:

    And your question isn't lame at all. Sometimes I forget to describe what an open studio is like for people who haven't gone to one before. I find them a lot of fun. In the Fine Arts Building, which is where I work, we open our actual workspaces to the public. I enjoy meeting new people there. Sometimes art students come, or other artists, or art collectors, or tourists. Because my studio is in downtown Chicago, I've even gotten tourists from other countries. I met some people from Paris who translated "Please Don't Feed The Models" from my Fashion Victims poster.

    It does get a little awkward when people see my doll and action figure collection. Although sometimes I find they are collectors too. And one guy grilled me on the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I keep a shrine to Michaelangelo at my studio) and couldn't believe I liked them. He kept saying, "But you're a girl!" and it was like being in 6th grade all over again. Very funny.

    I also like going to other people's open studios because I get to see how they work and what inspires them. And then it inspires me to go back to my studio and make something.

    1. Cool! Thanks for explaining all that! I know it's not really the same, but sometimes when I go to craft/art fairs, it gets kind of odd being in someone's booth-- ya know, it gets all quiet, and I feel like I'm expected to say something, but I never know what, lol. I can imagine being on the other end could be worse. But then, I'm mega shy, so maybe that's just me. :) Sounds like you have a fun time, workspaces are always so inspiring.! That's so funny about the TMNTs! Silly boys.:) I'm in Chicago too, btw!


    2. You should come to an open studio sometime! :)


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