Sunday, September 11, 2011

My October featured Guest Artist: Raquel Stallworth

I've got great news about my open studio next month:  I am featuring a guest artist, Raquel Stallworth.  October is Chicago Artists Month and this year's theme is Artful Networks, so I think that having a guest artist here is fitting.  Here's a little more information about Raquel and some pictures of her beautiful paintings.

Raquel Stallworth has been creating fine art for over 15 years now, although she has not always been exhibiting her work. “Mixed Media” is the best way to describe the materials she works with, paint(acrylic or oil), magazine collage, metallic leaf, balsa wood and colored pencils have all been used at one point in her work.  Also, although not a material, calligraphy elements permeates her work, as she is also a calligrapher.. She is inspired by the visual word, culinary arts, music and dance, nature and other artists, both realist and abstract.  Mrs. Stallworth seeks not only to create both abstract and realist pieces, but to also combine them – this is a process which is continually “in progress”.  The smooth sharp edges of something realistically rendered against rougher edges of splashed color or collage are what keeps her wanting to work, regardless of the subject matter. 
She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Tyler School or Art in 1990, but didn’t begin any fine art work till the mid-90’s. She still freelances in calligraphy and graphic design also.
Mrs. Stallworth was born in Aberdeen , Maryland, and was raised in rural Maryland, until college when she lived in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, she resides in Chicago, IL and lives with her husband Walter. Her work can be seen at, and on She is also writes a blog, “Easel and Plate” which explores the connection between food and art,

June 23


Second Home

So mark your calendars and keep Friday, October 14th open so you can come by to see and purchase paintings by Raquel Stallworth.  Refreshments will be served and as always, the open studio is free and open to the public.

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