Sunday, November 1, 2009

Groove is in the Heart

Yesterday while a lot of people were out trick-or-treating, I was in the studio painting.



I went back over the new metallic green painting with an additional glaze. This one is bronze. I think next time I will glaze it with more green. And it warped on me again, which is absolutely infuriating. I'll try to straighten it out again.

I worked on the piece below several months ago.  I am adding some corrugated paper that Chris gave me to make it more dimensional and interesting.  I can't wait to see what it will look like once I paint it gold.


The paint on this piece was left over from the public art project I worked on.  It doesn't look like much now, but this shade of blue will be deeper and much more brilliant when it dries.


Now that it is all the same color, it seems too flat. I plan to add more objects to the surface to make it more dimensional.

And speaking of making things more dimensional, I have also added more scraps of paper to this white piece. It's getting there.


Since none of these have titles yet, I decided to just give this post the title of a song I was listening to when I was painting.

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