Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Widget Wednesday: this week's widget- Colour Lovers

Okay, I guess technically Colour Lovers is not a site where you get widgets. Basically the whole site is a widget. It is a widget that helps you make patterns, or a generator, I guess. If you ever get stuck while designing a background pattern or coming up with a color scheme, all you need to do is go to Colour Lovers. From there, you can see color schemes that other people have come up with, or create your own.

You can then plug your color scheme into one of their patterns and voila!

A PNG file is generated for you instantly. From there you can save it and use it for a variety of graphics projects. They make great wallpapers for websites or for your desktop. Colour Lovers is also a great place to kill time as you play around with all the color schemes and patterns you can create.

Add to Mixx!


  1. You might be interested in these generators which make color palettes from your uploaded photographs. They have been very useful to me when working on webpages and other graphic designy projects.

  2. Thanks for sharing these links, Chris. These are great tools and I am so glad you shared them with me.


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