Thursday, October 23, 2008

From the Archives: "Panthea collage," circa 2001

Panthea Collage

"Panthea" graphite and charcoal on paper 2001

I was working as a guard at the Smart Museum when a very special painting came to us on loan from the Art Institute, Laurent de la Hyre’s “Panthea, Cyrus, and Araspus.” We were instructed to keep an eye on the painting at all times and took turns watching it. At least we were allowed to sit down for that post. Alone in an empty gallery with nothing better to do and forbidden from reading on the job, I made use of the small sketchbook I’d brought with me, and the drawings in my “Panthea Collage” and my “Panthea Gesture Drawings” are the result of those quiet afternoons at work.

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