Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Chicago Art Open

I feel ambivalent about the Merchandise Mart after all the disappointments the design field has dealt me. The times when it becomes the backdrop for art shows are when I like it best. So today I went there to see the artwork at the 2008 Chicago Art Open. Two of my professors have pieces on display there:

Javier Chavira - Preciosa Y El Aire

Javier Chavira - "Preciosa Y El Aire"

Jeff Stevenson - Predecessors
Jeff Stevenson - "Predecessors"

And here are a few other pieces that I really liked:

Erin Waser - 1626 Squared
Erin Waser - "1626 Squared"

Michelle Scott - Brothers
Michelle Scott - "Brothers"

Selene Plum - Black Water
Selene Plum - "Black Water"

Eric Sorensen - Evanston
Eric Sorensen - "Evanston"

Tatiana Flis - Untitled
Tatiana Flis - "Untitled"

Sarah Stec - Unfurled
Sarah Stec - "Unfurled"

Sophia DeBoer - Insanity as Reality
Sophia DeBoer - "Insanity as Reality"

Kamelia Hristera - Jordan
Kamelia Hristera - "Jordan"

Vanessa Vargas - Untitled #1
Vanessa Vargas - "Untitled #1"

Vlasta Smala - Red Dress Too
Vlasta Smala - "Red Dress Too"

Carey Primeau - Black Stairs Elegance
Carey Primeau - "Black Stairs Elegance"

So if you are in the Chicago area and want to see some great art, you should check this show out. The show runs until the 19th and is on the 8th Floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.


  1. Thanks Tiffany, the photo of my piece shows the subtle details nicely, something that was hard to get in a photo of it.

    Glad you liked the show!

  2. You're welcome, Jeff. I love this piece because it has so much going on, so I am glad I was able to get the details. Feel free to save a copy of this for yourself. The large version is in my Flickr photostream:

  3. hi tiffany, thank you for the recognition! i just randomly did a google search for my art and your blog popped up. glad you enjoyed "Unfurled" :)

    sarah stec

  4. Wow, that's funny, Sarah. Yes, I really liked "Unfurled." I love your use of texture.

  5. Hi Tiffany,

    Thank you for posting my art. I am glad you enjoyed the Art Open. Also, it was great meeting you at the Inaugural Show of the Coalition Gallery Friday night! Hopefully, I will see you around at another art show soon.

    Best of Luck!
    Erin Waser

  6. Thanks, Erin. It was great meeting you also!


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