Monday, June 6, 2011

Want a painting? Let's trade!

In addition to cash and PayPal, I am also willing to accept another form of payment for my artwork: barter. That's right, if you want a painting, and if you've got something I want, I'm happy to trade you for it. Of course, I believe it should be an even trade, a $10 mini painting for $10 worth of something or other ; a $600 painting for $600 worth of something else. There are so many things I need, want, or would like to have eventually someday, and perhaps some of you might have a surplus of these very same items, or else the time to contribute your specialized skills in exchange for an original painting.

Here are just a few of them:

things I need:

- clothing alterations
- shoe repairs
- a hole saw

things I'd like to have someday:

- voice lessons
- dance classes
- two strand twist extensions
- a Blythe doll in good condition

If you're interested in doing this, let's talk! Also, for my readers who are artists, have any of you done this before? How did bartering work out for you? Share your comments.

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