Saturday, March 26, 2011

my paintings in their new home

This is not the first time my art has graced the walls of an office.  Just ask my father.  He'd be happy to tell you about the time he brought me to his office downtown (years before Take Your Kids to Work day)  when I was three years old and I made him a mural on the wall using a ball point pen.  This time, however, my art is on display by request.

"Untitled (Copper)" and "Untitled (Gold)" in their new home

It's amazing how having artwork up on an office wall can make a suite feel more complete.  And if it's original art, even better.

"Silver Whisper" in its new home

I recommended Silver Whisper, Untitled (Gold) and Untitled (Copper) because the firm that purchased them is in the finance industry and the paintings are the colors of precious metals.  Also, silver, gold, and copper are neutral colors that work with their decor.

I think a lot of my paintings would look great in offices and hope to sell more of them soon.


  1. these looks so cool in their new home, just LOVING that silver one.

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. I also had a chance to look at your blog and I really enjoyed seeing your art.


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