Friday, February 11, 2011

Fall in love with art tonight

fall in love with art - gothic glow

Art, like love, is dedication
--Hans Hofmann, painter

Valentine's Day evokes so many different emotions. For some it is beautiful, for others painful, for others bittersweet. It's a time when many define or are defined by relationships, as lovers, as loveless, as lonely.

No matter what your personal feelings about the holiday, you can still find something to love at the Second Friday open studio tonight at the Fine Arts Building.

This month’s Second Friday open studio night is the perfect time to rekindle your romance with art. I, along with many of the artists of the Fine Arts Building, will be opening up my work space to visitors from far and wide. Come meet local artists and musicians in a building whose very ambiance exudes inspiration and creativity.

what's new

For now I have forsaken my torrid love affair with garish colors for a tryst with deeper, more mysterious hues. This series-within-a-series is entitled the Dark Night of the Soul series, and there are now four works in total.

And because I am a romantic at heart, this evening's menu will feature Argo Tea's ValenTea Passion, cupcakes from Sugar Bliss, and dark Ghirardelli chocolate as bittersweet as unrequited love.

It's a great night to bring a date, or come alone and meet someone else who appreciates art as much as you do. Whether your love life is a masterpiece or a work in progress, this is your night to fall in love with art.


the details:

Fall in Love with Art
5-9 p.m.
410 S. Michigan Ave
Studio 632F
Chicago, IL 60605

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