Saturday, March 7, 2009

Upcoming Event: The Invisible Artist

I think this is such a great idea for an event and wanted to make sure I posted information about it here:

The Invisible Artist:
Creators from Chicago's Southside

Suffering from a long history of negative stereotypes and the harsh
realities of urban living, Chicago’s Southside community & residents
have struggled to gain the many benefits afforded to the larger
Chicagoland area. This “invisibility”, has also affected the artistic
community in such a way, that internationally recognized artists have
struggled to make their mark in their own city.

This program will explore the areas social & cultural
history, as well as the numerous creators & institutions from within
the community that have been active participants in
dispelling myths about the Southside of Chicago.

March 26, 2009, 6pm
The Invisible Artist Panel Discussion @ SAIC Ballroom 112 S. Michigan

Joyce Owens, Chicago State faculty , Art & Design Dept.
Lowell Thomas, Artist & Writer
Natalie Moore, National Public Radio
Patrick Rivers, SAIC faculty, Visual & Critical Studies Dept.

For more information contact:

Quiana Burwell
Multicultural Affairs Assistant Director
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
36 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 1203 J2
Ph: 312.629-6868

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