Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pictures from the "Toyth" Show

Here are my pictures at the "Toyth" art show. I am so pleased with how they look on the wall of the exhibit space.

I realized yesterday that I have the perfect accessory to wear for the opening tonight, a cute little doll necklace that I picked up at a consignment shop. I had never worn it before. I was saving it for the right occasion. And tonight was the perfect occasion.

I want to thank everyone who came out to see the show. I was graced with the presence of a very special guest, my friend's daughter Iris.

Yes, that's right. There is even something for 2-year-old art patrons to enjoy at this show. After all, what's a show about toys without children to play with them?


  1. She is so adorable. After we went to the art show, we took her to Cold Stone Creamery. She liked her ice cream so much that she started dancing. It was the cutest thing.


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