Monday, March 30, 2009

more doll project rejects

I am "de-stashing" a few more dolls that I do not need for The Doll Project.

Tressy decided to leave because--as you can see from her disapproving glare-- she could not stand living next door to Casey and Francie's swinging 60's bachelorette pad any longer. So she's for sale on Etsy.

Remember how I called that one Maxie doll a teenage zombie? Well I've got something even worse: a Zombie Bride Marie Osmond doll!

Maybe there was an accident at the doll factory that day. Or perhaps poor Marie wandered into the home of a mad scientist who needed a bride for a creature he made from the parts of stolen cadavers. Or maybe she was infected with the Rage virus. Whatever the case, something went terribly, horribly, tragically wrong and now this doll's face is disfigured. There is a greenish gray discoloration all around her eyes, and the white paint for her teeth has come off. The area around her mouth is a bright orangeish pink. She came with a stained, dingy wedding dress.

She was part of a group of dolls sold as a lot on eBay. But I figured out why she's a zombie: she's an extra from the Thriller video! Why else would she have come with a Michael Jackson doll?

So if you need a zombie bride doll, you should visit my Etsy shop. And then I can use the money to buy Mr. Jackson a real Thriller jacket. (Though he looks pretty good in the Speed Racer outfit.) No, he is not part of The Doll Project. Just part of my collection.

I have more dolls available in my Doll Project Destash store. Click the link to see them. You might find something you like.

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