Monday, June 22, 2009

my favorite booths at NeoCon

As I prepare to wrap up my series of posts about NeoCon 2009, I want to be sure I cover everything. And what is a trade show without exhibitors? These are a few exhibitors who really did a great job of designing unique booths to showcase their products.

A very groovy textiles display from Architex.




LSI's relaxing seating alcove reminds me a lot of Panton.

lsi 1 #NeoCon09

lsi-2 #NeoCon09

Aquafil USA's space is like a carpeted disco.



Molo's space was a total experience, sectioned off with their softwalls, lit with their softlights, and furinshed with their softseating. Because they are made of kraft paper and have a honeycomb like structure, they would make a perfect companion to some of my postconsumerist pieces. Yes, my dream installation of my artwork would involve seating from Molo.



But until then, at least I can look at these photos.

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