Monday, June 22, 2009

Green design becomes more prominent at NeoCon 2009

Before design school, I had never heard of green design. By the time I graduated two years later it was the hottest new buzzword. The aesthetics of green design appeal to me. I like the creativity involved, the process of making something from nothing. It has informed my artwork as well. As green becomes more mainstream, more manufacturers are creating products using environmentally responsible materials and processes.


I really appreciated the Materials Petting Zoo sponsored by Ecolect because it gave a chance to literally experience the products hands on. I even learned what the punctured kraft paper I used in Adaptive Reuse 2 is called, GeƤmi.



Molo's softwalls are also very environmentally friendly, as they are made with recycled materials.


Bamboo, now a staple of green design, is now being offered in new varieties, like this strand woven bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators. It's as durable as oak.

DSC02247 #NeoCon09

And this innovative plank bamboo paneling from Mats, Inc. is available in tiles as well as panels that could make great room dividers.

DSC02248 #NeoCon09


Our Future Inherits What You Specify Today

I like this slogan by Patcraft Designweave: "Our Future Inherits What You Specify Today"

I was very pleased to see that so many manufacturers have decided to make a commitment to taking better care of the environment and natural resources. For too long this was not the case with many manufacturers. Hopefully someday the green category will no longer exist because it will be a standard and expectation for the industry. In the meantime, I am excited at the possibility of interior design and architecture becoming the next industries to provide the green jobs everyone keeps talking about.

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