Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2 of NeoCon [#NeoCon09]

screen 1

So this is what I have been doing, tweeting about NeoCon for Designer Pages. Every tweet with the #NeoCon09 hashtag gets posted to this beautiful screen.

I made my rounds again today, stopping mostly at permanent showrooms. But here is one show exhibitor I forgot to mention yesterday. So I will start with them.

DSC02250 #NeoCon09

DSC02251 #NeoCon09

E.S. Robbins makes custom chair mats. You know, those things you're supposed to buy to put under your rolling task chair to protect the flooring but never get around to because they are so boring and unattractive. E.S. Solutions has found a way to take a boring utilitarian product and make it an object of desire by using the power of design. You can get these mats with any custom style you like. So the possibilities are endless.

luna showroom 1

Looks like a boutique, doesn't it? The Luna showroom on the 11th floor was one of my favorite ones so far. They have a great selection of fabrics right now.

luna showroom 3

luna showroom 2

I love the retro feel of this sink from Kohler. The name of the style is Dolce Vita. Sweet life, indeed.


ann sacks sink

Next door at Ann Sacks I saw the George C. Scott Art Glass Basin. Green as envy and absolutely gorgeous!


What a unique craftsman style bath vanity from CKD.


These panels have been painted with eco-friendly paint by MDC Wallcoverings. I know it's for walls, but I want to do a painting with it.


One of my dream kitchens, located in the showroom of Ernestomeda. I'll share the other ones later.

buckminster fuller

The Buckminster Fuller lounge at NeoCon 2009. Sponsored by Vitra. This is where all the cool people hang out. Well, actually, I am not sure if that's true, but it looks that way.

artistic tile 4

artistic tile 3

artistic tile 2

artistic tile 1

Artistic Tile certainly lives up to its name. With two other tile showrooms on the same floor, they are definitely giving their rivals some fierce competition.

I will have even more to show you tomorrow!

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