Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 of NeoCon [#NeoCon09]

So how do you begin an exploration of a trade show in a building so large it has its own ZIP code? One manufacturer at a time. These are a few of my favorite things so far. But keep in mind that I haven't seen everything yet.

Let's start with the Bretford showroom, a permanent showroom located on the third floor. I really liked the ambiance.

bretford-4 #NeoCon09

bretford #NeoCon09

bretford-3 #NeoCon09

This is the kind of showroom I'd love to design.

And then there's Herman Miller. Oh Herman Miller, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... First of all, I think the showroom has the most awesome ceiling system I have ever seen.

herman-miller-ceiling #NeoCon09

And you know I always love good modern chairs.

herman-miller #NeoCon09

Even better when a modern chair is paired with a good modern desk.

herman-miller-2 #NeoCon09

And while I'm on the subject of falling in love with office furniture, I am particularly smitten with this new offering from one of my favorite designers, Karim Rashid, the sculptural Uno Desk, designed for Della Rovere.

uno-desk #NeoCon09

Oh you gorgeous Uno Desk, if loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right, you sexy, sexy thing.

uno-desk-3 #NeoCon09

It's a work of art. It even bears his signature!

uno-desk-2 #NeoCon09

But it's more than just a sexy piece of furniture. It is 90% recyclable as well. See it at the Stimex booth, 8-8129 on the 8th floor.

Yes, even office furniture can arouse one's passions, if it is well designed. The feeling I get from Haworth's 3rd floor permanent showroom is one of great happiness and optimism because of the use of a very cheerful shade of yellow throughout.

haworth-4 #NeoCon09

The Haworth showroom reminds me of the magazine where Ugly Betty works. You know how sets can be on television, so much more beautiful than anything you encounter in real life.

haworth-3 #NeoCon09

Working in an office wouldn't be so bad if your office looked like Haworth's showroom. I even had some time to sit down and relax by the pool.

haworth-2 #NeoCon09

haworth #NeoCon09

Yes, they have a pool. A very shallow decorative one. But it adds so much to the ambiance of their space. I love it!

And I can't forget Steelcase, which is also on the 3rd floor. They have just come out with a great new task chair with a seat and back that move independently of each other, allowing users to be much more comfortable at work. They are displaying these chairs as part of their new collaborative workstation that makes it easy to plug in laptops for a presentation.

steelcase #NeoCon09

With so much going on at NeoCon, it's easy to get overwhelmed. So I focus on the little things. Like the way Boyd Lighting's 10th floor showroom twinkles like a jewelry box.

boyd-lighting #NeoCon09

Or how these beautiful room dividers in Safco's 3rd floor showroom are like a web of spun glass.

safco #NeoCon09

safco-2 #NeoCon09

With so much to look at and so much going on, I have been documenting most of my experience on Twitter. There is a lot more that I saw but didn't get to photograph. (Some of the showrooms are very particular.) But don't worry, I'll be back with more tomorrow. I am looking forward to what I'll find.

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