Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Featured Flickr Group: Mid-Century, Modern Interiors

I'm not sure when my love affair with mid twentieth century interiors began. Could it have been when I first embraced the retro styles of late 90's fashion? When I took an art history class at U of C called "Art of the 1960's?" Or when I took a history class that focused on the events that happened between 1945-1970? Whatever the case, I find myself quite enamored of the design aesthetics of the era. So much so that I am a regular reader of Atomic Ranch magazine. And if I couldn't build my dream house, I'd be happy to live in an atomic ranch of my own.

The rooms in the Mid-Century, Modern Interiors group would fit right in:

Furnishings and interiors — both mid-century modern and current designs inspired by the clean mid-century aesthetic.

Particularly interested in your images of rooms featuring pieces by Bertoia, Braakman, Deam, Eames, Ekselius, Heywood-Wakefield, Jacobsen, Juhl, Kagen, Kjaerholm, Knoll, Loewy, McCobb, Noguchi, Nelson, Paulin, Pucci, Risom, Saarinen, Schultz, Van der Rohe, Vignelli, Vodder, Wegner, Wormley, etc.

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