Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Featured Flickr Group: Glitch Art

While taking a contemporary art class in design school, I created a series called Happy Accidents. The idea was creating art unintentionally, using things like palettes or dried up tubes of paint. What the contributors to Glitch Art are doing is the digital version of this:

The train of 1s and 0s has derailed and you're left with something that originates out of the resulting chaos.

Glitch is a short-lived fault or malfunction in a system. Whenever camera lenses erroneously save the data of what they see to it's recording device or whenever the binary code of an image file gets corrupted (intentionally or accidentally), the final result is a faulty image, which we call Glitch.

Please only post images that have had authentic digital glitching through computer or digi-cam error. This includes databent images (eg. inserting randomness with a hex editor).

Please DO NOT post images that have only been manipulated in image editing software (unless it's the software that has failed and glitched the data) or abstract images made up of authentic light - these will be removed from the group.

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