Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Widget Wednesday: Title Generators

Sometimes coming up with a good title can be pretty tough. It's tempting to just give up and leave your piece untitled. But in a world so filled with untitled works of art, you want yours to stand out somehow. And that's where this fun title generator from TV Tropes comes in. Here are a few it just came up with for me:

"The Most Powerful Man In The University"
"Black Book Down"
"Fake Aesop"
"Are You There, God? It's Me, Mario."
"Kneel Before Zod"
"Aging Timelessness"
"So Is Falling In Lava, I'd Imagine"
"Hyde Sticks Jekyll With the Bill Again"
"Not Wearing Pants (Film At Eleven)"
"Never Bring a Knife to a Pie Fight"
"We Built This City On Whack A Mole"
"No Stairway Denied"
"Hilarity In Shoes"
"Thirty Genre Pileup"

Pretty clever, huh? I'd love to see what a painting called "Are You There, God? It's Me, Mario." would look like.

But what if you want more control? What if you want to enter a name, a situation, a disease of the week? What if you want a title fit for a made for TV movie? Then you need the Lifetime Movie Title Generator. You can input a character name, setting, supporting character, plot point, and character development and see what kinds of absurd things it will come up with. Here are a few it generated for me:

"A Prostitute's Hidden Wheelchair: The Truth About Jane"
"Love's Deadly Fetus: Jane's Story"
"Need in the Night: Jane Doe's Story"
"My Fetus, My Nightmare"
"One Disease Too Many: Jane's Journey"
"Sister, Forgive Me My Eating Disorder"
"A Secretary's Secret Fetus: The Untold Story of Jane Doe"
"Jane: Stalked By Her Baby"
"Jane: Not Without My Paranoid Baby"
"Danielle Steel's Desperate Vanishing"
"My Husband Won't Stop Seducing Me"
"Tumor in the Night: Jane Doe's Real Story"
"Almost Stalked: The Life of Jane Doe"
"An Attorney's Deadly Death: The Jane Doe Story"

And if you are feeling particularly self-deprecating, try entering your own name into the generator...

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