Monday, February 28, 2011

Come and see me at The Bite-Size Variety Hour

I've done art shows at a few different venues by now, but I've never done anything quite like The Bite-Size Variety Hour.  It's an opportunity to share my work in front of a live audience at the Greenhouse Theater Center with six other artists.  Here's the press release:

The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship invites you to the Bite Size Variety Hour!
Tuesday, March 8 at 7pm
Greenhouse Theater Center 2257 N. Lincoln Ave

The Bite-Size Variety Hour, an alternative “show and tell” for artists, opens on March 8 with its inagural show at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago. The program, an external program of the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, showcases the creative business of making art, and features seven emerging artist presenters.

The Bite Size-Variety Hour channels “American Idol” by including a panel of three arts entrepreneurs who will give on-the-spot feedback on the artists’ branding. The audience is also encouraged to offer feedback, sharing what they liked, what they missed, or offer other creative ways they could present their work.

Through this innovative format, the Bite-Size Variety Hour simulates the experience of a “live-studio audience,” complete with cameras, MC, and cash bar. Featured artists share their “branding,” in the hopes of gaining constructive feedback from both their peers as well as professionals.  In the Bite-Size Variety Hour, all the presenters will come away with a better sense of themselves and their work, while the audience gains backstage access to the entire artistic process, from creation to marketing.

Did I mention cash bar?

Admission is $5, advanced registration is recommended. RSVP at:

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