Friday, February 11, 2011

tears, acrylic paint, and pain: new work in the Dark Night of the Soul series

The "Dark Night of the Soul" Series so far - paintings by Tiffany Gholar

The night whose sable breast relieves the stark,
White stars is no less lovely being dark

--Countee Cullen, "From the Dark Tower"

I have continued painting through the sadness. Having no assigned requirements to fulfill, being left entirely to my own devices, I have the freedom to look within and express how I feel.  My desire to paint with bright colors again has been fleeting. I still find myself in a dark, bottomless night, fraught with unseen perils. Only recently have I begun to see a brightening horizon ahead.

Perhaps these two most recent additions to the Dark Night of the Soul series, Pain's Grey and Lacrimosa, will be the last ones of the series.

Pain's Grey

Pain's Grey is made of paper scraps, acrylic sheets, and dried up Mod Podge salvaged from the jar. Highlights of silver and graphite produce its darkly gleaming tones.

Lacrimosa, which means "weeping" in Latin, has a form that is reminiscent of its title. It is streaked with "tears" of paint and various media, coursing down a torn paper surface.


In this video, you can watch as rivulets of paint trickle down the painting.

The chief ingredients of both were tears, acrylic paint, and pain.

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