Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally Complete: Raspberry Divine's sultry sister

Last week I ended up taking Wednesday off from my classes because of a death in the family.


Though he was often cranky and never fully tamed, Gizmo was still a part of my family and I will miss him very much.
This week I got back to work and finished my cardboard roll confection, which I am calling "Horror Vacui." More Latin, of course! "Horror Vacui" is an expression used in art that means fear of empty spaces. The title kind of contradicts itself, for though the painting is covered with forms, the forms themselves have empty spaces.

This is what it looked like last week:


And then glazed it with my secret sauce:

horror vacui

Here are some detail shots:



What I love about quinacridone violet is that it is a mysterious color. If you add even a drop of white, an amazing change happens. Its intensity is revealed. And like "Midnight Intrigue," the color is complex and nuanced:

horror vacui detail. 2jpg

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  1. wow, these shots are really beautiful-- and i love that paint color, too-- i agree that it's magical!!


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