Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The colors and textures of NeoCon 2012

With so much to look at, it's easy to experience a sort of sensory overload at a show at the Merchandise Mart, and NeoCon is no exception.  So it's no surprise I almost forgot to write in detail about the colors and textures on display.

Hair on hide leather is going to a new level of interest with laser-cut designs.  This is what the always edgy Edelman Leather is doing:

They've got some competition from Tiger Leather, which is featuring a striking embossed patent leather line:

I had the privilege of attending John Turner's Benjamin Moore 2013 Color Pulse presentation. How fascinating to learn about the origins of the color forecast, as a team of color experts traveled the globe to explore art, fashion, and design shows and report their findings.

 John told us that pastels are going to make a comeback, that accidental color combinations coming from the use of found and recycled materials will become more prevalent, and that black and white will not be a very common color scheme in the coming year or two.

Though for the most part their forecast was in a similar vein, Shaw Contract Group has some interesting predictions of their own.  They took social unrest into account in their predictions.  Did you know the Occupy movement has a color scheme?  Here it is:

When it comes to color trend predictions, I've learned not to always take them literally. I like what I like, as does every individual, regardless of marketing departments pushing this year's "new black" on all of us.  Right now, I'm particularly fond of colors somewhere between magenta and violet.  I'm enraptured by this gorgeous velvet sofa from the Robert Allen booth :


As for textures, the theme appeared to be a study in contrasts, rough/smooth, organic/geometric, glossy/rugged.  These are the sorts of ideas that I will take with me to my studio.





I also realized that some of the products I saw would be great for an installation or sculpture.  Just think of what I could do with these panels:



The space age material at the bottom is a metal foam!

My artistic process is inspired by interior design, and my interior design process is inspired by art.

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