Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first IndieGoGo campaign: raising funds for The Doll Project show next April

I've got exciting news:  I have the opportunity to feature work from The Doll Project in a show about women and the media at Flourish Studios in Chicago.  It's given me the motivation I needed to finish what I've started.  But in order to take this phase of the project from start to finish, I need additional funds.  So I set up a campaign on IndieGoGo.

For those of you unfamiliar with the site, here's what it's about.  It's a crowdfunding platform that allows multiple donors to make a contribution towards raising funds for a project.

Now that you know about IndieGoGo, let me tell you what my goal is.  I want to raise $500 by December 1st. And with your help, I can do it.  But this isn't a campaign where I get something for nothing.  You will be rewarded for your donation.  Every donor will get a signed print from The Doll Project.  You can choose any photo you like, though it will not be framed.  The more you give, the larger the photo you can get.  So if you give $10, you can get a 4 x 6 print, and if you give $100, you can get a 12 x 16 print.

And if you can't afford to make a financial contribution but would still like to help, you can use the social media plug-ins on the campaign page to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and your own blogs.

Please visit the site below to find out more.  I look forward to updating you on my progress.

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