Sunday, July 24, 2011

A new painting, finally!

I finally finished this little piece that's been sitting around the studio for months now.


Composition in Primaries
acrylic on cardboard
10.75" x 16"

I was inspired by abstract expressionism. The primary color palette comes from the color scheme of my studio.  I love the combination of red, yellow, and blue.  There is something so essential, elemental, and basic about using the three of them together.  It is stripped down, yet complex at the same time.

It's a departure from my customary monochromatic compositions.  This is my second attempt at making a color-blocked post-consumerist piece.  Using the primary color scheme made it easier for me, I think.  By setting up strict constraints on which colors to use, it was easier to start and to finish.

Here is a detail of the painting.


You can buy "Composition in Primaries" at my Etsy shop, where I am selling it for $86 plus shipping. 

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