Thursday, March 17, 2011

springing forward

In Chicago, this is the month when we gain the most sunlight.  The past two days have really felt like spring, as the weather has warmed and I was finally able to shed my customary long parka and galoshes.  From late November until the time sprang one hour forward this week, I had willingly entered a sort of hibernation.  I came straight home from work each day and only ventured to my studio on weekends.  Though I did apply for shows every chance I got, which is something that did not require trudging through snowdrifts and enduring subzero temperatures.

I feel my hibernation paid off, as I am now slated for three shows in May and June.  I will have more details on them later.  Also, I've been re-reading The Artist's Way again.  A few weeks ago one of my weekly tasks was to create a collage.  Once it was complete, the collage was to be given a place of honor.  I can think of no better place of honor than right here on my blog, so here it is:

Every time I do these collages, I'm always surprised at the images I end up choosing.  It's like getting a message from my subconscious mind.  The desire for change seems to be the theme here, and I am happy to say that there are many changes in store right now.  Soon I will write about them here.  But I'm keeping them to myself for now, so you'll just have to wait.

I can tell you about my new Facebook page, though.  In an effort to keep my personal and professional lives separate (just typed "loves" by accident, quite an interesting Freudian slip), I have created a page that is strictly for sharing information about my art. Until I get 25 people to "Like" it, the page has a URL that's too long for anyone to remember, so I will just let you click on this link to get to the page.

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