Monday, April 20, 2009

A painterly trend I've noticed

Sometimes I think I enjoy looking like a painter as much as I enjoy actually being a painter. The truth is, painting is a legitimate excuse for making a mess. And I have an entire portion of my wardrobe dedicated to painting, from painting jeans to painting t-shirts, a painting hoodie and even a painting dress. Each drip is a badge of honor, each daub a souvenir of whatever painting I was working on at the time. And now I have noticed a lot more people looking like painters these days, thanks to Pollock-like patterns appearing in apparel, footwear, and housewares too:

The shirts above are from Wet Seal.

This top is from Alloy.

Sheet set and hoodie from Delia's.

Shoes from Victoria's Secret.

And the Chromatic Splatter pattern from can be applied to all kinds of electronics, from laptops to PDA's, phones, and MP3 players. In fact, it's the skin I chose to customize my Palm Centro.

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