Monday, August 25, 2008

My Design Statement

Bedroom, private residence

I do not have a favorite color. I love them all. I haven’t met a color that I wouldn’t use for something, even if only to relieve the eye. I also love working with patterns. I like the challenge of combining them. Someday I hope to design at least one bedroom or playroom for a child. Then I could unleash my most offbeat ideas, since most children love colors as much as I do.
I have been blessed with an eye for color, and a good memory for it, too. I can find matching items from different vendors, and even different eras if necessary. You can count on me to put together a very coordinated room on your behalf. One of the greatest thrills in design is the process. Researching all the new products and latest innovations is probably the thing I love almost as much as color.

And last but not least. I absolutely adore the dying art of hand rendering. Sure, you can make shiny Pixar movie-like rooms using just a computer. But there is nothing like having a paintbrush in your hand and making a blank sheet of paper come to life.

I just want to design.
I just want to design. I am not interested in using design as a selling tool. I am not good at sales. Yes, I do have experience in it, but that doesn't mean I like it. I am not outgoing, extroverted, or a people person, and I am tired of pretending to be someone I'm not. Though I am not good at being glib, superficial, and perky, I am good at AutoCAD 2007, have a great eye for color and great hand rendering skills. I'm good at researching products, as well as writing. Yes, I am an introvert, but that means that am a good listener, work well independently, an focused, have a depth of knowledge about design, and I have integrity. I'm just not good at sales, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't make a good interior designer.

So if you are looking for a designer who is intelligent, responsible, willing to work hard, eager to learn, and has both an interior design degree from Harrington and a B.A. from the University of Chicago, please contact me. And if you'd like to see a sample of my work, click here.

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