Thursday, November 14, 2013

Painting Clothes

making art is dirty work

I read somewhere that Basquiat painted in Armani suits.  Once I saw an artist painting in a beautiful little black cocktail dress during her open studio. I admire them. I envy them a little. As for me, I am a messy painter. In fact, I don't even give myself manicures anymore because I'm going to end up with paint all over my hands anyway. And I have an entire wardrobe of painting clothes.

painting clothes

I have painting capri pants for the summer, three pairs of painting jeans, one sleeveless painting shirt, two short-sleeved painting shirts, a painting hoodie, painting yoga pants, painting shoes, painting boots, a painting dress, and now, a painting jumpsuit with my name on it.

painting clothes

painting clothes

I see my painting clothes as a sort of uniform. When I put them on, I feel ready to work, even if I'm not. They free me to work without self-consciousness or concern for ruining my "good" clothes. The clothes also serve as paint rags. I use them to absorb the excess paint on my brushes before I clean them in water. I think it's better than using paper towels.

Whenever paint-splattered clothes become trendy, I always find it funny that people are willing to pay so much to make a fashion statement that so many messy painters make for free.

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