Saturday, August 11, 2012

30 Art Books from Blurb under $50

I am so excited to have published my first book with Blurb. Overall I'm pleased with their service and the quality of their printing.

As an artist, I know how difficult it can be to promote yourself online. There are thousands of books that artists and galleries have self-published using Blurb, making browsing their immense selection a daunting task.  I know firsthand, having spent hours diving deeper and deeper into the archives to seek ideas for my own book.  It was so inspiring to see how many talented artists have taken the time to share their work with the world in book form. 

The only drawback of shopping for art books on Blurb are the prices.  Their print on demand service allows users to set their own prices, and some of the prices are cringe-worthy. I want to make a profit too, but selling an 8.5" x 11" book for $100 or more is not the way to do it.  Fortunately, not all the art books on the site are so grossly overpriced.  I've found many lovely books on the site for less than $50.

I'm pleased to share what I discovered. The books I've highlighted below have the total package: beautiful covers, nice layouts, and quality artwork.  I have yet to order any for myself, so I can't vouch for what they look like in person. But if their online previews are a good indication, they would make a lovely addition to an art book collection.  Some aren't even in English, but the pictures are so gorgeous they speak for themselves.

1. Icons: Giorgio By Giorgio Uccellini

2. Circular Keys By Asher Bilu

3. Roux: An Exhibition Of Traditional And Non-Traditional Printmaking By Houston Museum Of African American Culture :: Book Design: Ann 'Sole Sister' Johnson For Solefolio

4. Nature's Palette By Mark Anderson

5. Journey, Paintings By Nicola Parente by By Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc.  

6. Heavenly Bodies Paper Cutout Works: The Exploration To The "Planet Platonic" By Mayuko Fujino

7. Eric K. Wallis, Artist: A Catalog Of Recent Work By Eric K. Wallis

8. Scapes: Paintings By Lynne Hollingsworth By Lynne Hollingsworth

9. Berkeland: Original Oil Paintings 1997 - 2008 By Dan Berkeland

10. Con Mexico En La Piel: Portafolio 2008 By Angel Gonzalez De La Tijera

11. Lassen By Mark Harris

12. Let's Meet For Coffee: Journal Sketches By Jerome Domurat 

13. Unpasteurized By Boise State Graphic Design Class

14. blur b By David S Rose

15. Deep Calls To Deep: Exploring Beyond Through Mixed Media Image By Sharon W Huget 

16. Eric Hesse: Recent Work by Eric Hesse

17. I Can't Believe I'm Telling You This: The Myspace Portrait Project By Jeff Hurlow 

18. Brettisagirl By Brett Manning

19. The Dancing Houses: The Architecture Of Trinidad & Tobago Infused With Rhythm By Brian Wong Won

20. Introduction: Hsin-Yao Tseng By Hsin-Yao Tseng

21. Stories That Cover Us: Meditations And Fiber Art By Pacific Northwest African American Quilters By Lynne K. Varner-Hollie And Deborah Boone; Edited By Gwen Maxwell-Williams

22. Pop By Artist Olan Montgomery

23. Nathan Pendlebury Paintings By Nathan Pendlebury (Foreword By Richard Smith)

24. Fran Recacha 2003 - 2009 By Fran Recacha

25. Gods And Foolish Grandeur: A Selection Of Paintings By Stephen O'donnell

26. What I Do At Work When I'm Supposed To Be Working By David Fullarton 

27. Solas By Jemma K Derbyshire

28. Paintings 2007-2010 By Pamela Staker

29. My Alphabet Of Anxieties & Desires By Jennifer Linton

30. The Walled Garden By Dianne Fogwell

Support these artists and galleries by purchasing a book from them.  Use the code CSVIP to get 10% off your order.

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