Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Revolution 2012 Show at Jackson Junge Gallery

I finally made it to the Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park so I could see the Revolution 2012 show.  And what an incredible experience!  Here's the gallery's description of the show:

The word revolution inspires reactions and emotions of varying degrees. To some, it's fighting words. To others, it's hope. To the artists involved in the special exhibit titled "Revolution 2012", it is artistic expression. Change is constantly happening around the world, and currently the middle class worldwide is standing together to insist change happen for them, for us, for the 99%. The artwork for this exhibit portrays where artists think 2012 will take us.
Revolutions have inspired many humanitarian forms in the past. This is perhaps why "The Protestor" was named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year. Peace, equality and fairness are common mantras in many revolutionary movements. Heroes, stories of valor and honesty are born from these movements. Change for betterment becomes a demand rather than a wish.

Often those perceived to have no power are given a stronger voice in numbers. Adding to those numbers this month are 30 artists from across the country. Mediums include painting, photography, sculpture, print work, installation, digital and fiber arts.

Artists were asked to address ideas already being expressed in the streets of many cities nationwide. They responded with subject matters including corporate greed, homelessness, economic inequality, and standing up for the middle class.

Rainbow Kitty, Sad Lincoln

Alex Garland, Burn Bank of America

Brian Morgan, Inciteful

Eric Baillies, Big Trouble

Eric Carson, Empire

Jeanine Hill-Soldner, 50 Stars, Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Jacqueline Alcantara, Occupy The Mind: Occupy The World

Joseph Knox, Crucfixion of Identity

Robyn Alatorre, Innocent

The art in the show is insightful, thought-provoking, and truly revolutionary.  The show ends tomorrow, so see it while you still can!

Jackson Junge Gallery
1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 227-7900

Saturday 11-8
Sunday 12-5

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